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What is SIEM?

SIEM components

Benefits of SIEM

  • SIEM substantially cuts down on the time it takes to identify threats to nothing. As soon as there is an anomaly, the 24/7 monitoring SIEM offers will flag the threat and generate a report.
  • It consolidates the entire view of an organisation’s security environment to a single, holistic view. With IT environments becoming ever more sophisticated, this prevents anything from being missed.
  • It achieves the regulatory and compliance requirements that many organisations are subject to.
  • If there is a breach, SIEM can be used to perform detailed forensic analysis and understand the full scope and impact of the breach.

List of SIEM solutions you can check out.

  1. Spunk is a software platform widely used to monitor, search, analyze, and visualize the machine-generated data. It is one of the best Security Information Management Tools that captures, indexes and connects real-time data in a searchable container, and produces graphs, dashboard, alerts, and visualizations.
  2. Paessler security vulnerability assessment tool has an advanced infrastructure management capability. The tool monitors IT infrastructure using technologies like WMI, SNMP, Sniffing, REST APIs, SQL, etc.
  3. Datadog Security Monitoring EDITOR’S CHOICE A cloud-native network monitoring and management system that includes real-time security monitoring and log management. Comes with over 450 vendor integrations out-of-the-box.
  4. SolarWinds Security Event Manager is a tool that helps you to improve your computer security. This application can automatically detect threats, monitor security policies, and protect your network. SolarWinds allow you to keep track of your log files with ease and receive instant alerts if anything suspicious happens.
  5. ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer (FREE TRIAL) A SIEM tool that manages, protects, and mines log files. This system installs on Windows, Windows Server, and Linux.
  6. Splunk Enterprise Security This tool for Windows and Linux is a world leader because it combines network analysis with log management together with an excellent analysis tool.
  7. OSSEC The Open-source HIDS Security system that is free to use and acts as a Security Information Management service.
  8. Exabeam Data Lake is a big data platform. This SIEM tool is combined with an interface designed for security analysts to make it easy to maintain. It has advanced analytics that uses session data models and machine learning.
  9. LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform Cutting-edge AI-based technology underpins this traffic and log analysis tool for Windows and Linux.
  10. AT&T Cybersecurity AlienVault Unified Security Management Great value SIEM that runs on Mac OS as well as Windows.
  11. RSA NetWitness Extremely comprehensive and tailored towards large organizations but a bit too much for small and medium-sized enterprises. Runs on Windows.
  12. IBM QRadar Market-leading SIEM tool that runs on Windows environments.
  13. McAfee Enterprise Security Manager Popular SIEM tool that runs through your Active Directory records to confirm system security. Runs on Mac OS as well as Windows.



Unique blog that is aimed to provide I.T professionals Systems/Network administrators technical solutions, insights & knowledge on a wide variety of topics.

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Unique blog that is aimed to provide I.T professionals Systems/Network administrators technical solutions, insights & knowledge on a wide variety of topics.