The effects of Management that lacks Emotional Intelligence — SuperTechman

Toxic employees

A toxic workplace is a direct result of failure by the leader to use emotional intelligence.

Unfair workplace

  • Work is not distributed evenly.
  • Some are overworked while others sit and gossip.
  • Credit for ideas is not given where it is due.
  • Often others take the credit.
  • The “rules” vary depending upon the person.
  • Some people get away with more than others.
  • Blame for failure is deflected on to others

Poisonous workplace

  • Sexual or racial abuse and harassment is suffered.
  • Cliques are formed and individuals are targeted or shunned
  • Fear and intimidation is ignored
  • Gossip and personal innuendo is the norm
  • notice the problem
  • take responsibility for resolving it
  • do so promptly
  • be absolutely fair and even-handed · never be the cause of the problem



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