Should you install AV software on servers? — SuperTechman

Types of Servers:

  • Exchange: YES — Use Exchange-specific antivirus solution.
  • SharePoint: If you trust that the downloader and uploader workstations are secure, you don’t really need AV at the SharePoint level. If you aren’t sure or you just want to be extra careful, we recommend (and so does Microsoft) that you use a SharePoint VS API-based solution.
  • AD/DC: No -Antivirus not necessary unless users interact with the server (if there are multiple roles on same server).
  • DHCP/DNS: No — Antivirus not necessary unless users interact with the servers (if there are multiple roles on the same server).
  • File Server: Yes — Set antivirus to scan on write only. This server is only getting a virus is if a user accidentally uploads a file they shouldn’t.
  • Utility Servers: These servers connect to file stores or other web stores so scanning on write is advised.
  • SQL/Database: Don’t worry about antivirus unless non-admin users are interacting with the server (they shouldn’t be, btw).
  • Web Server: Web servers always need antivirus because users are going to be uploading files and/or linking to other sites.



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