Fight back! — How to report Cyber-Crime in Australia — SuperTechman

What is Cybercrime?

Common forms of Cybercrime

  • Phishing attacks — using fake email messages to trick users into providing personal information.
  • Hacking Attacks — infiltrating computers, websites and networks to cause malicious acts.
  • Identity Theft — misusing stolen personal information for harm or for personal gain.
  • Child Pornography — distributing child pornography.
  • Grooming: making sexual advances to minors.
  • Terrorism — spreading hate and inciting terrorism.

Report a Cybercrime


Who is responsible for the ACORN?

  • all Australian police agencies
  • the Australian Attorney-General’s Department
  • the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
  • the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

What can I report on the ACORN?

How do I make a report?

What happens next?

Try and avoid Cybercrime

  • being on the lookout for email scams,
  • securing your computer from cyber-crime attacks,
  • staying safe on social media,
  • exercising caution when shopping online,
  • keeping your personal information protected, and
  • adopting strategies to prevent exposure to inappropriate online content.



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